Why must we have houseplants in our homes?

Why must we have houseplants in our homes


We breathe fresh because we have plants in our rescue. Pollution level is getting worse day-by-day, and the trees are also getting slashed around the world. It’s sad to read, but 130,000 square kilometres of forests are cut down or burned every year – equivalent to 3 times the area of Denmark, a football field every 1.4 seconds, or 100 large harvesters working non-stop. The situation is getting worse every second and will take us to the edge if not solved soon. While the authorities are investing funds and technologies in revamping the predicament, we all should also take up the charge to do the least we can.

Well, everyone can’t take time out of their busy schedule and plant a tree, but, we all can afford to have indoor plants in our homes. We can also use house plants as a gift to greet someone. Houseplants have become a trend in many parts of the world. And it’s time for us all to be a part of this. When you embellish interior spaces with houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms interact with your body, mind and home in ways that enhance the quality of life.

Here are some reasons to make your mind about having a house plant or maybe two in your homes:

Purifies the air

Indoor plants are the best organic way to keep the indoor air clean. Instead of using and promoting electric air-purifiers, we all should adopt the use of plants. They can cleanse the air from toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, which are usually found in paint, cigarettes, vinyl and solvents. Plants can also raise the air’s humidity by releasing water as moisture vapour – this can protect us from getting respiratory problems, dry coughs and sore throat. Adding plants to interior spaces can increase oxygen levels. 

Helps in healing

One such plant that helps in healing is aloe vera plant. It is also known as ‘lily of the desert’ and the medicine plant. This plant has many healing characteristics and also can clean air. The gel-like substance inside the aloe plant help heal cuts and injuries and is also very effective at soothing burns. The leaves of this super plant can also help to alleviate asthma symptoms by boiling the leaves in water and breathing in the vapour.

Keeps the room cool

Indoor plants are helpful to keep the room fresh in warm weathers as they consume hot air for their natural process and release water droplets during transpiration. Not at a big picture, but this quality can lead to lessen the use of air-conditioners which in turn will reduce the emission of pollution in the air. Not just the rooms they are kept in, indoor house plants also cater to keep the mind fresh in harsh situations.

Keeps us close to nature

Whenever we feel bored or exhausted, a walk in the park or the small garden outside the home does wonders. That’s because when we are surrounded by nature, our body tends to reduce mental fatigue and stress. Even brief contact with the environment helps to feel more selfless and cooperative. So, having a plant in a room or the hall will keep us close nature and will help to get relaxed. Touching real foliage elicits an unconscious calming effect. Indoor plants help to remain calm and stay focused.

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