How To Follow The Best Reseller Practices

How To Follow The Best Reseller Practices


Do you know how to become the best reseller? With following the easiest and effective strategy, you can become the best reseller. How does the best reseller describe himself? A Reseller whose plan is to have the higher leads will be the best reseller. IPTV resellers give the reseller the best opportunity to drive more revenue.

According to Statista, there are 195 million of tv households in 2019. There is an estimate that the market size of the Tv industry would go up to 1.2 trillion INR. With high revenue, you have more space for the resellers. There is one way to grab this opportunity to become a reseller in  IPTV resellers, where there is an estimate of 50 million people using IPTV services. To know more about it, let’s understand what it means to be a reseller on IPTV?

How Many rewards You Are Getting 

Looking for higher costs for which you would get a higher income that is more than 10000 € per month? Here they are several schemes by which they offer you the  best crediting plans, its just about making a lead. With a sharp point, you can earn high:

  • The weekly account costs 2 credits
  • 1-month account costs for 5 credits
  • 3 – month account costs for 12 credits
  • 6-month account costs for 22 credits
  • 1-year account costs for 40 credits

How Can You Start ?

You can start by buying the reseller account. After purchasing the reseller account, you need to buy the  credits.The no of credits plans are as  follows:

  • 150 €
  • 300 €
  • 500 €
  • 1000 €
  • 2000 €

The more you make the leads, you need to refill your purse with  the above plans. There is also a demo plan which can be availed to get clarity about it.

Additionals Required To Become A Reseller

There are small technical requirements which are required to make arrangements on the customer’s area, you can understand in this way that you need to put up a connection for the customer. Some requirements which are needed are:

  • IPTV panel
  • Enigma script such as Dream Box,VU+ (optional)
  • Technical knowledge
  • Advertizing skills

The 24/7 support

It is the best option for resellers, that if you have a query, you can just quote to the customer inquiry panel, you would be served with answers for your questions.The service provides you with all the queries from technical assistance to everything.

The Power Of Influencing

If you are good at influencing, you would love to make deals on the platform. By generating  leads you will be a top seller with not making extra efforts. It is very simply explained to follow the best practices to be at the top of the table by making some arrangements. Half of the work is dependent upon your selling skills. If you are better in selling, then you would be able to climb the ladder.

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