6 Signs of Mental Health Issues You Need to Be Aware Of

Mental Health Issues


Signs of mental illness may not be that clear, and if your friend or loved one is suffering from such disease, it can be challenging to find a difference between a bad mood and mental problem. Excessive drinking, being a party pooper, and crying all time or any other significant change in the behaviour of the person, thoughts or feelings could indicate that he or she may havea mental illness. Visit a mental doctors in Kolkata once you these signs.

6 Signs of Mental Health Issues are:

1. Over Anxiety or Worriedness

Most of us would have become worried or stressed from time to time but if the anxiety persists and interferes in the daily routine, it can be the sign of a mental issue. Other symptoms could be palpitations in the heart, shortness of breath, headache, diarrhoea or racing mind.

2. Depression or Unhappiness

Did you find that your friend has lost interest in the hobby that you have been sharing? Are they looking too sad or irritable for the last weeks or more? Do they lack motivation and energy or are teary all the time? They might be depressed!

3. Emotional Swings

Everyone exhibits different moods, but sudden and dramatic changes in the mood like extreme distress or anger isa sign of mental illness. You should find out the symptoms of emotional swings and take your friend or loved one to the mental doctors.

4.Problems Related to Sleep

An average person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. When the sleep pattern changes, it could be a symptom of mental illness. Insomnia is a sign of anxiety or substance abuse. If the person sleeps too much or too less, it could be a sign of depression or indicate a sleeping disorder.

5. Changes in Weight or Appetite

Most of us have a desire to lose weight, but for some fluctuating weight or rapid weight loss could be a sign of mental illness such as depression or an eating disorder. There may be other health issues that can impact the appetite and the weight as well.

6.Looks Withdrawn

We all need quiet time, but if your friend or loved one withdraws from life, it could indicate a mental health issue. Such isolation may be a sign of depression or a psychotic disorder.


Presence of these signs, coupled with or without substance abuse, may indicate that a person has mental health issues. Visit the best mental doctor in Kolkata and help your friend now!

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