What To Do With Bouncing Door Locks? Here’s What You Can Do

What To Do With Bouncing Door Locks


Certain models of Mercedes Benz cars have an automatic door lock function which activates that moment the vehicle drives. This function helps secure drivers and their passengers as soon as they get on the road. As beneficial as these automatic locks are to car owners, like most automatic functions, it will run into some mechanical issues.

For automatic door locks, its actuator’s spring can get damaged and fail to do its job. The result is a very distracting and annoying constant bouncing up and down of the lock while driving. No driver wants to drive a vehicle where its locks are constantly bouncing. If you have this exact problem, here are a few options to look into:

Option 1: Parts Replacement

An easy, but a costly fix would be to search for used auto parts for Mercedes Benz as a replacement and to bring the vehicle a mechanic. They will do all the work to replace the actuator and other parts that are showing signs of deterioration while you wait.

If the issue with the bouncing door locks is simply caused by the actuator spring, they can make easy work with it and you’ll drive home with a perfectly functioning automatic door lock once more.

Option 2: DIY Repairs

Car owners who don’t want to spend too much on the repairs can always opt to fix the bouncing lock issues at home. This still requires the purchase of the right used auto parts for Mercedes Benz and a lot of effort. Usually, the broken spring is the main cause of the bouncing problem, but to access the spring the car door needs to be taken apart.

The spring and the actuator are located inside of the car door and there is no other way to access it aside from tearing the door open from the outside. While it is possible to do this at home, there is a far greater risk of causing more damage than fixing the problem.

The best thing for those without car repair experience or knowledge is to go back to the first option and bring the vehicle with the corresponding parts to the auto shop for repairs.

Option 3: Quick, Easy, And Simple (Temporary) Fix

Since it is clear that car repairs are expensive, there is another option that offers a temporary fix for those who cannot invest in replacement parts and a mechanic. The fix requires the use of electrical tape and the following steps:

First, remove or set the door pin up in the unlocked position for easier access. Next, take an inch of tape and wrap it around the pin. Fit the pin to ensure it can still lock and unlock correctly. Take the vehicle for a test drive to see if the hack worked.

This quick and easy fix does work for bouncing locks, but it is not a permanent solution. Chances are, the tape will lose its resistance and the bouncing locks will reappear. Consider this when attempting to do this hack yourself.

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