Reddy Kancharla – What Are the Key Skills of Successful Civil Engineers

the Key Skills of Successful Civil Engineers


Civil engineers need to be qualified and talented when it comes to building safe and durable structures. If you aspire to become a civil engineer in the USA, you should not only have the personality, but you should get the proper qualifications from a credible college. The career is very lucrative, there are several learning opportunities, and the career growth is excellent.

If you look at engineering in the USA today, it is really popular as a career option among the younger generation. They are particularly keen on becoming engineers in the fields of computer, civil, and aerospace engineering. Reddy Kancharla is a credible and highly esteemed geotechnical engineer in the nation and has 25 years of rich experience in the field. He has completed his Master’s in civil engineering and holds a decade of work expertise in senior management posts.

He has successfully worked on several successful projects ranging from buildings to roadways. He has used his skills and talents to have worked with some really complex projects. He is a popular geotechnical consultant and has worked on some amazing projects in New York and New Jersey.

Traits that successful civil engineers must possess

The following are the key traits that successful civil engineers possess-

They have an acute eye for detail- If you want to become a successful civil engineer, you must focus on the larger picture of the project. Even small details make a huge difference to the project, so you must look out for them.

Give opportunities to everyone involved with the project- Great civil engineers are highly creative; however, they never take credit for all the work. They allow others to share their ideas and thoughts. Moreover, they ensure innovative ideas are brainstormed so that the best ones can be selected for the success of the project.

Teamwork- For the successful completion of any civil engineering project, teamwork and team management are vital. The effort should always be a collective one as no individual can spearhead a project on their own. Best-talented engineers have outstanding leadership skills. They know how to keep their egos intact when it comes to working with workers who are not as professionally qualified as them.

Communication- This is one of the most vital aspects of any project. The workers and the engineers must be on the same page. Even the slightest mis-communication can ruin the project and delay it. Communication should be transparent and open. Reports should be available to everyone concerned with the well-being of the project. Even issues should be communicated freely so that it does not hamper the quality and the timeline of the project.

Reddy Kancharla sums up by saying that you should be a good listener and observer when working with any civil construction project. In case you identify any signs of problems, you must stop the work. The issue must be resolved first so that the project’s stability, safety, and integrity stay good.

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