Get Instant Appreciation from Visitors by Installing Foyer Lightings at the Entryway

Get Instant Appreciation from Visitors by Installing Foyer Lightings at the Entryway


Foyer is the entrance hall to the house. Whenever someone enters a house, they have to cross the foyer entrance. It is a transitional space that welcomes a person from the outside world to the warmth of the house. Proper lighting at the entrance gives a homely feeling after you come back from a hectic day.

Entryway is the first thing any guest views while walking inside the house. Everyone wants to get a ‘wow’ from visitors. It is imperative to leave a good impression from the beginning by installing proper lights and decorative items. From flush mounts to crystal chandeliers, there are bunch of foyer lighting available in the market.

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Mentioned below are some of the styles available in the market. You can choose the one that suits your budget and need –


Chandeliers have always been in demand. They are in usage since the 14th Century. In those days chandeliers were made of wood with candle holders and dripping plates. Later these chandeliers became a mark of status. Royal class had a crystal chandelier at their place while the poor or middle class used a handmade wooden chandelier. However, even when time flew, the demand for chandelier remained the same. The style and pattern changed, but it is still considered an elegant piece.

Types of chandeliers

  • Crystal chandeliers are still considered royal and elegant. The glass used in these chandeliers contains chemicals like lead, which gives special qualities to chandeliers like clarity, softness, and resonance.
  • Cage chandelier consists of a metal cage with a bulb holder inside it.
  • Candle-style chandelier is the vintage style which is perfect for the foyer entryway. The lights are shaped like candles which when lit up, give a traditional look.
  • Bowl chandeliers have metallic, glass, or ceramic bowl hanging from a rod. The bulbs are in the bowl which first lights upwards, then slowly radiates downwards.


Pendants lights are modern foyer lightings. Pendant lights hang with the help of a rod and are suspended in the air. They are tall and shed light softy downwards. They are similar to chandeliers, but are made for the modern world. Different types of bulbs are used for different pendant lights. Therefore, while buying a pendant light you should know the height of the ceiling, the number of bulbs to be used, and the suspension system.

Types of Pendant lights

  • Drum pendant looks like a drum that is circular, but flat from top and bottom. The bottom of the shade is open or closed depending upon the type of light you prefer.
  • Saucer Bubble pendant is a blend of a saucer and a bubble where a flat saucer is at the top and the base tapers like a bubble. The bulb is in the middle and the light shines through the bubble.
  • Globe pendant is completely round in shape with no open area. They are quite luminous and are perfect as foyer lights.
  • Abstract pendant is best for foyer lighting because they not only shed light, but are the best art pieces.


These are also called wall lights which are simple light fixtures attached to the walls. They used electrical boxes to function and they don’t hang on the ceiling or have nothing to do with the ground.

Types of Sconces

  • Lantern sconces are in the shape of a lantern with yellow or white bulbs inside the lamp. They’re generally sued as outdoor lights, but will also enhance the beauty of the inside passage.
  • Wallchieres are different from all other sconces. They’re a combination of torchiere floor lamps as well as a wall lamp.
  • Candle sconces are best for those houses which have vintage look. Two arms with candle shape bulbs remind of the old days.

There are various other ways of lighting the entrance. You can use LED lights or a false ceiling to enhance the inner beauty of your house. As long as your budget permits, you can decorate in the best way you can.

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