What Industries Usually Test for Drug Use Among Employees?

What Industries Usually Test for Drug Use Among Employees


Drug use in the workforce can be very expensive for companies. Statistics that have resulted from a recent study say that $33-$100 billion every year is lost by the impact drug use has on businesses.

Ever since The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 was implemented in America, drug testing in the workplace has become a very common requirement for getting hired. As an example, drug testing Kansas City became a good example for all to follow by encouraging drug testing in all of its businesses. This had proven to be very cost-effective for companies; not only had they started to save the money drug use had lost them in the past, but they even began seeing an increase in product output, fewer call-offs, and employees that stay with them longer.

Below is a list of industries that implement drug testing:


Research has suggested that the rate of alcohol and drug use in this industry sky-rockets to the top of the list. These jobs involve many dangerous machineries, locations, and complicated projects that demand total mental focus. The risk for injury in this type of work is high already even on a good day, let alone with employees whose decision-making abilities are compromised.


The transportation industry is responsible for the movement of people and commerce via air, water, road, and railway. It carries a tremendous burden of ensuring the safety of passengers as its #1 responsibility. Drugs have caused many of those at the helm to have distorted thinking; many accidents and deaths have resulted. There is no other industry more in need of drug-free employees than this one.


Statistics from a U.S government-led study have shown that drug use is a major problem in the manufacturing industry. Over 15% of workers employed at the time confessed to using illegal substances while working. Drug testing is a smart choice in this field as there is a lot of heavy equipment in a fast-paced environment that needs crisp, clear thinkers to provide safety and the highest quality product and  winstrol pills for sale possible.


The hospitality industry includes restaurants, hotels, motels, bars and clubs. In a recent study, 9.3% of employees admitted to using drugs within the month prior. This is unsafe for the public because these people are preparing and/or handling the food and drinks being consumed; sickness can easily come from improper preparation of the food and drinks provided by these establishments and employees must be sober.


Each job in this line of employment provides a service instead of a product. It consists of jobs like those within the IRS or areas of investment, waste management, art, banking, and entertainment. Drug use within these industries can be dangerous in a different kind of way–privacy. If an employee is not clear-headed, very personal information can get out causing devastation to those harmed by it. Identities get stolen every single day.


The only way the retail business can survive is by maintaining a high customer satisfaction and loyalty rate. In addition to this, they need excellent customer service to assist with the items they sell. One mess up, especially one that goes viral over social media, can cause them to lose their business for good. This industry needs sober employees to be successful.


This area of the workforce controls highly intricate details regarding tremendous amounts of information, such as personal and financial. And they handle all that data with a mere tap of an icon! Employees have to be very sharp and quick to prevent tapping the wrong icon and wreaking devastation to the people and corporations they serve.

It is clear from this article that companies simply cannot go wrong by drug testing their prospects for employment; It has been proven time and again, not just by drug testing Kansas City, but how it literally helps businesses thrive–it’s simply just plain unwise not to implement drug testing.

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