Parents Speak: Reasons Why To Choose A Private School

Parents Speak: Reasons Why To Choose A Private School


The right of a parent to choose where their child is educated is vastly important. Education is the foundation of a person’s entire life and a parent is responsible for ensuring that the education that their child receives will prepare them for life by laying a foundation of not only knowledge but also core values and social skills that will serve to bring that child success throughout their lives. To ensure this, many parents turn to private Newnan GA schools, but why is this? Parents have a variety of answers, some of which are covered here.

 Superior Curriculum 

Private schools are often believed to offer a better overall education than public schools. Some parents hope that their children will receive a superior education that will better prepare them for college. Other private schools provide alternate curriculum that is tailored to individual students. Q family that prefers an alternative learning system that encourages a less rigid curriculum may prefer a Montessori school that encourages auto-education and emotional sensitivity. Even in cases when a private school shows no significant increase in test scores, the perception of the superiority of a private school education is still a deciding factor to many parents. 

Educational Alignment with Personal Values

 Many private schools are founded on a moral ideology that is not present in a traditional public school education. Many private schools are religiously affiliated with the most well known being Catholic schools, but many other schools are associated with a variety of religious denominations. A family that considers their religious values to be important will often prefer that their children attend a school that they can be sure will be supporting those values. 

Religious affiliation is not the only type of personal values that a private school may offer. There are non-religious schools offering a rigidly structured system based around an ideology of discipline. Other schools are focused on a non-traditional learning structure that encourages the intellectual growth of each child according to their own interests and talents. Parents often seek schools that align with the values they find important.

 Better Learning Environment 

It follows that a parent that has chosen a school based on the curriculum and stated values that they find important that they would believe that a private school would offer a better learning environment. Additional factors do contribute to a learning environment that is more conducive to effective education including smaller class sizes, a higher faculty to student ratio, better funding, better quality meals, and superior classroom equipment.

 Studies have proven that these factors have a significant impact on the performance of students. Even in public school systems, schools in poorer districts with larger class sizes perform worse than schools in wealthier districts and smaller class sizes. In private schools, which have the ability to cap enrollment numbers to control class sizes, this advantage is ensured.

 Enhanced Personal Development

 Private Newnan GA schools are able to offer extracurriculars that are more varied and better managed than public schools. This includes sports teams, creative and special interest clubs, and academic organizations. Sports teams are able to utilize better facilities and equipment and are often coached by more skilled individuals. This leads to better performance when competing against other schools, especially public schools. More clubs focusing on special interests such as art, graphic design, chess, and journalism are able to exist and flourish with the support of a better equipped faculty. Academic organizations have better curriculum to draw from. They also have access to better community support.

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