Is a used car the right choice?

Is a used car the right choice?


Being a college student is hard, especially if you are independent and is finding your own income, while having to pay tuition, and pay back student loans is just too much, it is too costly. And if you’re living out of the dorm you probably know how important it is ton have your own mode of transportation, and not take the bus everyday. But where do you have the funds to get a new car? You may not have it to get a new car, but you may have just enough for a used cars in El Cajon.

Why is it better to get a used car?

 Some may feel like if it’s not a new car then it won’t work properly, but the thing is that there are so many benefits that you can get from buying a used car. Like first of al the cost, it is a huge money saver. On most cars the prices will be reduced by 50%, so as you can see it is a huge save, especially since cars tend to be expensive. There are no extended fees you have to pay, like advertisement fees, which are hidden under the costs of new cars. It is also good as there are low customization costs. You can even get lower premium insurance, since motor vehicles tend to depreciate, you will be able to apply for lower insurance. Not to mention there are lower annual registration fees. Usually the registration fees are high in the first 3 years, and then it will start decreasing, so you will have to pay the lower fees.

Are there cons?

 If you’re deciding on buying used car in El Cajon there are some things you will have to take into consideration, like for the fact that you may not get exactly what you are looking for depending on look or colour and so on, therefore choice is very limited. Furthermore some of the older model cars don’t have warranties, so you may lack out on this. Also the interest rates maybe high too, when financing higher interests are charged. So it’s important to take these factors into account.

What decision to make?

 Still having trouble deciding which one you want, well the best thing to do is look at the pros and cons and make a decision based upon them. If you are leaning towards a used car it may be better to go with a car that is only 3 to 4 years old that way you can still get a chance at the warranties, and the interest rates won’t be high. And it’s only a couple of years, so there are no major changes in the systems.

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