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Trekking is a physical activity and quite like any other physical activity there are two advantages of doing it. The first one is the fact that it improves your health condition, making you more active and more fit physically and as well as mentally. The other benefit is that trekking on a regular basis makes you better at it. It’s like by walking regularly you’re able to cover more distance every day. In the same way, by trekking enough, you develop the skill to cover tougher terrains. So, you might start with Ghorepani,Ghandruk trek, which is generally the choice of first time trekkers, but the day won’t be far away when you’ll be able to finish Kanchenjunga trek with ease. And we all know that when it comes to tough treks, there is nothing that surpasses Kanchenjunga Trek. The following are the numerous health benefits of trekking.

Improves Fitness Level

The one thing that trekking helps you achieve without a doubt is a great fitness level. With regular trekking, you get more used to the activity, and soon, you find yourself inclined to it. There is nothing better than walking among the hills so close to the mountains. During the trek, you tend to forget all your worries and stress, as you get lost in nature. Walking on inclined surfaces, mainly uphill helps you gain a better control of your breath. The activity makes you sweat, and we all know how beneficial sweating can prove to be for one’s health.

Lifts up the Mood

As mentioned above, during a trek, you tend to leave all your work, responsibilities, and other official matters back in the city. With everything that causes you tension left behind, all you have in front of you is the natural beauty. The different spectacles of nature, and the up close view of the mountains bring a smile to your face. During the journey, you get to interact with the locals and get to know their way of life. If you thought your life was difficult, wait till you find out about theirs. Everything that you experience on the route works together to lift up your mood.

Boosted Stamina and Immunity

One of the best health benefits of trekking is that it’s addictive. It means that the more you do it, the more you want to do it. Now, how exactly can someone benefit from addiction to trekking? Well, when you trek, your stamina gets improved, so you land up having a better control over your breath. With every passing day, you would realize that you’re able to walk one extra mile. Now, all this has a great positive impact on your lungs, your heart, your cholesterol level, and so on. In the long run, regular trekking or hiking also tends to boost up your immunity.

Prevents Health Problems

Stamina immunity and the prevention of health problems are closely related. It goes without saying that your immunity is your ability to fight against diseases without the help of additional medicines or treatment. So, the stronger your immunity, the lesser your chance of suffering from bacterial and viral diseases. And even if you tend to suffer from them, due to your strong immunity, you’ll get cured really fast. Stronger organs as mentioned above can also help in preventing health problems. Regular trekking can prevent diabetes, blood pressure, and so on.

Expand Social Circle

One of the objectives of trekking is to interact with people. During a trekking journey, you will come in contact with so many people – from your tour guide to your fellow trekkers, the service providers on the route, and of course the random people. You can take this trip as an opportunity to get to know about them even more. Getting to know people can be considered as one of the crucial health benefits of trekking. But talking to these lovely individuals, you will be nothing but fascinated. And who knows, you’d even discover friends during trekking adventures.

Great for Specific Body Parts

Trekking is an excellent activity for so many body parts, for different reasons. It is good for the legs as it makes them stronger. It is good for the heart and the lungs, as it helps them perform better. Trekking done regularly can help a person reduce a significant amount of weight, which makes them more active. It is good for the brain as it helps the organ get rid of all the stress and tension and earthly burdens. It is good for the blood vessels as it ensures flawless circulation of blood throughout the body. These are few of the many health benefits of trekking on your body.

Increases Life Span

When you trek regularly, and tend to get involved in walking related activities, you will be blessed by all the health benefits of trekking mentioned above. You will notice significant changes in your body not just physical but mental and psychological. And mind the fact that all these are positive changes. These health benefits add up to making your life longer. It is a well known fact that people who have less to none health related problems, and tend to do some kind of physical work on a regular basis are the ones who have a long life span. Trekking on a regular basis can definitely increase your lifespan by at least a few years.


A lot of people tend to avoid trekking because they think that it’s a tough thing to do. Well, it might be initially, but with time and regular involvement, as you start reaping the health benefits of trekking, you will find the activity getting significantly easier for you. As mentioned above, when you start, you may not have the confidence to finish GhorepaniGhandruk trek, but by the end of it, you’d be covering Kanchenjunga trek with ease. You will develop confidence and the health benefits are the bonuses that you’d definitely enjoy. So go on, and trek for good health

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