Expense Related Challenges International Students Face In Canada

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When it comes to calculating the fees of education in international universities, there are so many things that you need to take into consideration. A lot of students willing to study abroad, especially in a country like Canada only tend to consider the university fees and take the decision, whether to join a university or not, in a haste. While calculating fees, you also need to take into account your living expenses, food expenses, insurance, medical expenses, and all the other different kinds. Failure to acknowledge all of them, and planning your finances by excluding them can cause you great problems. It’s always smart to consult a professional when it comes to determining how much does it cost to study in Canada if you’re not quite confident about taking care of this responsibility on your own. Remember, the forty minutes long planning that you do at the moment will determine how comfortable your next 4 years is going to be.

Canada As An Educational Destination

Canada is rising to be the number one educational destination for students from around the world. The universities in Canada are few of the top ranking universities in the world. They have all kinds of courses ranging from STEM field to Fine and Performance Arts and so on. These programs have been designed keeping in mind the challenges of the current world. Their support services for international students is excellent. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly qualified faculty members, intensive growth programs and internship opportunities, they are able to produce industry ready graduates who are highly competitive. With a Canadian University degree, you will be able to apply in any university around the world for further education, or in any company for employment. The universities in Canada can easily compete with Ivy League Universities, when it comes to the quality and relevance of the syllabuses offered, the facilities provided to the students and the placement record. Canada is a great place to not just study but also start a career in the respective field you have a degree in, whether it’s business management, liberal arts and humanities, legal affairs, and so on. You will be surprised at the number of opportunities that you will get within the country and internationally.

Cost Of Studying In Canada

One of the most important elements that you should properly research about before enrolling for an academic program in a foreign university is the cost. Properly researching the cost helps you plan the expenses properly. And with all the expenses taken care of, you will have to focus just on your academics, personal and professional growth. To answer the question, how much does it cost to study in Canada, well, it’s a very vague question. It is so because the course fee, which is generally charged by the university, depends largely on the course or the program you want to enroll in. On the other hand, for the same course, two universities might charge completely different fees. This generally depends on the rank of the university, the facilities that it offers, and so on. The answer to the question, how much does it cost to study in Canada, should also include the cost of other kinds of expenses, as mentioned above. However, calculating their worth is also a vague thing to do because it might vary depending on the location and the part of the country. For instance, the cost of living in Quebec City would obviously be different from that of Toronto. These are crucial things to be kept in mind.


However, just to give an idea, the average tuition fees in a Canadian University can range from $3500 to $8000 per year. Of course, this depends largely on the course you have selected. The university fees may or may not include hostel, food, internet and other fees. Also, you have the choice whether to live in the university hostel, or to live outside. In such a case, one bedroom apartment could cost you between $600 to $900 per month, depending on which part of the city it is in. In the same way, you might need to pay between $45 to $100 as your mobile and internet fees. This is just a vague look at how expensive it could be to live on your own in Canada.

Crucial Tips For International Students

Now, to comment on, how much does it cost to study in Canada, well, it’s quite high. Not all international students can easily afford studying and living in Canada. That’s the truth. However, the universities in Canada and the government have soft spots for students who are talented and lack the resources to attain international education. Provided that you are one of such students, you could apply for their fee waiver programs. There are two kinds of fee waiver programs offered generally by the universities. The first one waives your fees only partially, and you’d have to pay the rest. Another program waives your entire fees, at times offering the students even monthly allowance provided that they’re talented enough. When you’re applying for programs as such, make sure to confirm whether the scholarship includes only tuition fees, or all other kinds of fees including food, living, expenses and so on. Few universities are generous enough to waive even fees of such nature. There’s nothing wrong about trying.


Well, generally, it is suggested for a student to take care of all the planning and documentation on their own, but, a lot of times, they’re unable to do so because of lack of experience. So, it naturally makes sense for them to consult a professional, especially when it comes to activities such as determining how much does it cost to study in Canada. Remember, the price mentioned on the university’s website only includes tuition fees. As international students you need to take care of, and include in your planning, the expenses related to rent, food, telephone and internet bill, transportation, and so much more. Yes, figuring out all these things about a place that you have never been to by simply consulting the internet is not enough. But remember, the hard work that you do at the moment, pays off well during your time of study abroad.

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