Create custom Logo Rugs Create your Hotel’s Entrance Unique to keep your guests coming to return

Custom logo rugs


The first point of contact for guests or guests is the mat that is used for entry. Although it’s only their feet that are touching the mat, it’s the first impression of your motel, hotel or B&B. People assess your space all the time, and begin this assessment from your flooring. A cool mat on a more contemporary Amtico Flooring would speak volume about your style and class. A snagged and rough mat could annoy guests even prior to them entering your property and can ruin the first impression.

It’s not difficult to select the best mat for your entryway. If you’re unsure of your selection, Ultimate Mats can help with a range of customized logo rugs or customized logo mats like Dryer mats, scraper mars.

Why does mats for entry are important?

Reduce Costs of Cleaning

Research has shown that around 80percent of the dirt that contaminates the building’s surface is caused by the bottoms of shoes. However, a quality mat at the entrance can block the dust or stains from entering your property.

Reduce the risk of damage on the flooring

Dust and dirt that get caught with shoes won’t require much time to scratch your floor. To stop this it is possible to put up a mat in the entrance that collects the sand and dirt prior to entering your building , and then covers the flooring.

Reduces the chance for Slip & Fall

You can reduce the chance of injury by maintaining a regular maintenance programs and making sure that your floors dry and clean whenever you can. The best method to achieve this is to ensure that you have the proper size and performance of the appropriate entrance matting system that can handle the volume of pedestrian traffic that is in your home.

Its material as well as the space it covers matters greatly. The larger the area of matting in length, the better it will be. The more times guests walk on your entrance mats after getting into your lobby area, the greater chances are that mats will clean their suitcase wheels and feet clean and dry. The minimum requirement is that your goal is to “foot onto the mat” with 3 complete strides. Consider using an old towel to dry yourself off after the shower. You can attempt this, but it’s not going to perform as well.

Do I have to place mats on the floor over the floor?

This is among the most frequent issues we encounter, particularly from the managers and apartments for services of hotels. They would like entrance mats to stop water and dirt from entering their structures however, they have carpets in front of their doors. Are they able to place mats for entrances over the carpet?

Yes, you can place your mat anywhere you want. But it won’t last for very long if you put it over the carpet due to of the texture and shape of the carpet below.

Materials used to make Doormats

Doormats are made of materials like rubber, plastic cotton, jute and other recycled materials. They they are mostly used to wash off dirt or sand prior to entering any construction. Doormats made of rubber are preferred because they are able to remove dirt and grime from your shoes.

Designs and colors of mats for entrance

Hotel and B&B and hotels must select a custom logo rugs which is a perfect match to the interiors and be paired with a the dark color. The mat with a dark shade can effectively cover the stain and dust. The disadvantage to choosing the lighter hue is that the doormat can appear dirty.

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