About Gemstones

About Gemstones


Gemstones have a rich history and a brilliant past. During the rule of Kings and Queens, gemstones were viewed as things of Kingly dynasty. Average citizens never have a scope to use or adorn them. Time changed and individuals assumed responsibility for themselves, the upper class had all the benefit of adorning the gemstones and they wore it with effortlessness, class and poise. Today, anybody can wear and flaunt gemstones. Gemstones were worn as gems previously however there are not many models where they were likewise been utilized for healing purposes. The Greeks and their neighbouring nations utilized gemstones for their therapeutic impacts. Gemstones are not just restricted to feature success, riches, status and influence yet additionally for their medical advantages as well, Let us view the therapeutic benefits a couple of gemstones offer. Whenever making any gemstone purchase, ensure that you are buying certified gemstones online from a certified and authentic gemstone dealer.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Neelam is known as a propitious gemstone and it have incredible forces. Whenever worn during sadesathi or Saturn Cycle, Neelam can offer extraordinary relief. Try not to go for the gemstone without taking legitimate guidance of the soothsayer as the negative impacts can even damage you. Continuously pick fair and unique Neelam gemstones. Purchase affirmed gemstones on the web. Ensure that you purchase certified gemstones online.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Pukhraj is different valuable gemstones from the Sapphire family and is known for its mending capacities among different gemstones. Associated with planet Jupiter which is the planet of Wisdom and Fortune, Pukhrajhas similar qualities like that of the planet Jupiter. An individual wearing Pukhraj can be honoured with better basic leadership capacities, it helps in increasing the concentration and focus. Pukhraj offers relief to an individual suffering from stomach illnesses, frail stomach related frameworks and in infection like jaundice. Wearing Pukhraj during the RahuMahadash or RahuAntardasha can be exceptionally useful regarding wellbeing and thriving.


White Sapphire (SafedPukhraj)

SafedPukhraj has a place with the favourable sapphire family and is the gemstone of Planet Venus. As indicated by Vedic Astrology, SafedPukhraj forms a better option of Diamonds (Heera) and an exceptionally uncommon jewel. SafedPukhraj is known for its riches and demonstrates lots of healing powers. It has direct effect on success and riches. SafedPukhraj likewise has some medical advantages.

Red Coral (Moonga)

The gemstone talented with the most number of advantages has a place with the Planet Mars otherwise called Mangal. Moonga can make you triumphant and let you gain the advantage over your foes and rivals. Moonga additionally benefits the person from imperativeness, blood dissemination and defeats stalling and apathy..Moonga additionally helps an individual with mental discouragement and anxiety and awards him/her with vitality, expectation and force.


Rose Quartz (Sphatik)

Otherwise called the ‘affection stone’ an excellent looking Rose Quartz (Sphatik) is the stone which blesses the wearer with genuine love, warmth, bliss and feeling. The Sphatik is a ‘vibe decent’ gemstone and recuperates you from feelings of despair particularly in the matter of adoration. This gemstone is for individuals who are suffering downs in their relationship. It recuperates love wounds.

Amethyst (Jambumani)

A wonderful looking purple gemstone, the amethyst lifts the wearer’s quality, offers fortitude just as harmony. This gemstone is really for everybody as every last one of us is experiencing pressure, stress, and temper issues. Amethyst additionally benefits individual who have dependence issues.


Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is the most favourable gemstone ever.  Moti is an uncommon gemstone and have extraordinary recuperating benefits. It benefits in unwell-stomach related frameworks, ripeness inconveniences and heart issues. These days, Pearl powder is utilized in cosmetics sparkling appearance.

Moonstone (Chadrakant)

A lovely and prosperous gemstone, the Moonstone otherwise called Chandrakant is considered mostly for females, not totally however. The moonstone helps to diminish pressure, melancholy and recuperates ailment.

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