What Server Do I Need? Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud

Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud


Do you have a web project and do not know what type of server is most recommended to offer the best experience to your clients? We explain the differences between the different types of servers so you can decide which one best suit your needs. And also tell you about benefit of Germany Cheap Dedicated Server.

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Shared server

Usually known as shared hosting, it is a reserved space within a server where many other websites are hosted. Providers offer a simple web panel that makes it easy to install and upload files to the server. This type of hosting is the best solution for those users who want to start a small Web project without complications.

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The advantage of this type of server is that its cost is cheaper and is much lower than the cost of other types of servers. Because the available resources and the benefits they offer are inferior when being shared among a large number of Webs.

The main disadvantage is that they offer limited spaceon that you can install your site. There is no flexibility to choose a specific version of a package or library. It is also not possible to connect remotely by console (SSH) in order to configure and manage technical aspects of it.

On the other hand, depending on the provider you choose, they can offer very low performance , since there are a large number of Webs hosted on the same server that consume all its resources. It is usually a regular practice (overselling) in some low quality providers so you should avoid them. To do this, before hiring, consult the opinions of users and use the trial period to verify if it offers acceptable performance.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

They are commonly known as VPS. They offer better performance than shared servers because they have guaranteed resources. For this, the provider uses specific software that allows the physical server to be divided into multiple virtual servers with dedicated resources: CPU, RAM, disk, IP addresses….

They offer flexibility in the installation of the software you need for your Web project because it is not shared with other users. Each user has their virtual space separate from the rest like in case of Linux Dedicated Server. They also generally offer command line connection (SSH) or advanced Web panels from which to customize multiple parameters of it.

Expanding its performance is easy since it is only necessary to contact your provider and ask them to change to a higher plan, as it is a virtual server, the change will be a matter of minutes without making any changes on your part, so it is totally transparent to you.

In return, the main disadvantage of VPS servers is that they require technical knowledge for their management and maintenance. However, there are suppliers and companies that offer maintenance plans through which you can request the installation of software and resolution of incidents derived from it.

The use of VPS is recommended for medium-sized web projects such as online stores, blogs or web applications with a considerable volume of visits.

Dedicated server

Cheap Dedicated Server offer superior performance over shared servers and VPS servers. They have all the dedicated resources (CPU, RAM, Disk …) for your Web project so they offer excellent performance compared to other alternatives.

They offer you total flexibility in the installation of the software, since the complete server is available for its use, so you have no dependencies with other applications or with other users.

Cheap Dedicated Server requires that they be managed by technicians with advanced knowledge. In charge of the optimal system configuration as well as carrying out periodic backups to guarantee the persistence of data in the event of a disaster.

Expanding its performance is not an easy task since it involves performing a complete migration to another server with more resources, so it is a task that must be planned in detail and carried out with knowledge.

The economic cost is higher compared to other shared servers or VPS. However they offer superior performance and full control over you.

Cheap Dedicated Server use is aimed for medium / large size web applications that receive a high volume of traffic or that perform complex tasks that require intensive use of CPU and / or RAM.

Cloud hosting

In recent years there has emerged the concept of cloud in order to combine the advantages presented by VPS with ease to expand its performance with the power offered by dedicated servers.

Currently, most hosting providers offer their cloud solution to their clients based on different price plans based on the contracted power.

The main advantages offered by current cloud services over Windows Dedicated Server are the ease of increasing or reducing resources with a few simple steps (pay-per-use). In this way you can adjust the resources to your specific needs. For example: you can increase its power in specific periods such as the Christmas period, the launch of new products or in marketing campaigns.

The Cloud hosting saves costs compared to the use of proxy dedicated server to obtain the same performance.Since it would require great equipment and dedicated personnel to maintain facilities that offer similar characteristics.

One of the pioneers in offering this type of service was Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a set of cloud computing services offered by the Amazon Company. It presents services of all kinds that allow covering the needs of any project with the highest guarantees of reliability and stability.

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Cloud services are recommended for complex projects or for web applications that require high resources with high levels of reliability and stability that require flexibility to adapt their resources when necessary.

Experience and professionalism

Hiring a company specialized in the management and administration of your streaming Germany Dedicated Server allows you to focus your efforts on attracting sales and / or customers, leaving technical tasks to professionals with extensive experience and dedication. In addition, we will advise you at all times about which of the hosting options are the most suitable for your project and budget.

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