What is Impound Car Insurance Policy Cover?

What is Impound Car Insurance Policy Cover


Impound Car Insurance also referred to as Seized Vehicle Insurance is a type of short-term cover policy that lasts for a period of about 30 days enabling you to have enough time to get your car out of impoundment. Impound insurance Cover benefits people who have had their cars seized by authorities for various violations of the Road Traffic Act and for it not being insured. It is an insurance cover that has been designed for impounded cars in the UK. It normally comes in some sort of pro tem cover policy that allows the owner of the car to obtain his or her impounded car after seizure.  The insurance cover is inserted on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) instantly and the appropriate documents issued with the intent of the car being releasedand collected on that particular day.

Clamping and Impounding of a Car.

When you take a car insurance cover, details will be out down into the MID (Motor Insurance Database). The authorities have access to the database through online systems for instance; The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The police can automatically see whether your vehicle, car or can is insured. Through this, they will be able to know whether to impound or clamp your car unless you prove to them otherwise.

An issue arises when the owner of the car takes an insurance cover for their car but due to a notification delay to the Motor Insurance Database which might take about a week for it to be updated. If it happens the authorities pull you over while driving and it happens you have no record of Insurance cover, then you will have to explain to them that’s newly insured. The police can either confirm this by directly contacting your insurer or issue you with a HORTI whereby you will have to report to a police station and present the insurance documents within a stipulated time.

If the authorities are not satisfied with your insurance validity, they have the power to immediately impound your car and seize at that very moment. Once this is done, you will need to go through a whole lot of proceduresfor your car to be released from impoundment.

How to Retrieve Your Impounded Car?

Get your car back in this scenario is not that simple. Normally what’s needed most is the owner of the car or a person designated by the owner of the car only if they do have the following documents in place; –

  • MOT Certificate.
  • A Valid Driving License.
  • Payment of impound costs ranging from about £150 to £300. This solemnly depends on the total weight of the car.
  • Storage costs.
  • Police penalties that might be due to the seizure of the car.

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