Trendy Bathroom Tiles To Try Out

Trendy Bathroom Tiles To Try Out


Tiles are an easy way to breathe new life into your home. Especially in bathrooms, colored tiles can add a pop of color, or create a completely new vibe with designs that mesmerize and add new life.

There are an infinite number of colors, designs, patterns, and prints to choose from. But which one will work out best for your bathroom? How do you make the decision?

That is our target with this article, to make this decision-making process easy for you by showing you the best tile options in bathroom tile in little rock, ar. So do not skip this article if you want to know what types of tiles will go best with your bathroom.

Trends in bathroom tiles 

When it comes to bathroom tiles, they are many options to choose from. But the best ones are the trendy tiles, the ones with a lot of innovation going due to high demand. Here are some of the popular tile options for you to check out.


Terracotta designs have been a staple of designs in interior tiles, but it seems to have made a comeback this time. A warm earthy texture is certainly preferred by customers who have been restricted in their movements. Anything that exudes warmth is a popular choice, and what better option than terracotta tiles? They give the perfect balance between earthy and contemporary, making them a perfect fit.

Block colored hexagons 

Block colors seem to be everywhere nowadays. They have been visible since the beginning, but now most renovators are seeking to go boldly into the new by laying clock tiles in their bathrooms. Hexagon shapes and matte tiles also seem to be a rising new trend.

Moroccan style

Moroccan style is known for its vibrant repetitive patterns and intricate patterns. They have been a favorite for a long time and now have made their foray into bathrooms as well. Ethnic products with a touch of exquisiteness seem to be in, with a lot of middle eastern designs becoming a preferred choice by customers. They encapsulate a timelessness that gives an evergreen feel to bathrooms.

When redesigning your bathroom, there are many things you can change to create a vibrant feel. The tiles are one such option. With a lot of trendy styles coming in this time, it is very easy to get your bathroom remodeled to fit your vibe. It can create a big difference in your life with the right colored tiles.

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