Positive Placement Nails – Enjoy the Dual Benefits of Quality & Productivity

Positive Placement Nails – Enjoy the Dual Benefits of Quality & Productivity


The last decade has seen a significant transformation in the wood framing and carpentry industry. Today lumbar products that have been engineered to address specific needs have become quite popular. If you take a look at the market today, you will be astounded to see the range of engineered lumber products available. They are versatile and have boosted the entry of hundreds of hanger plates and metal connectors for binding them together.

How does positive placement nails help in harsh conditions?

When you are working with hangers and metal connectors, you need specific fasteners. These specifications are laid down by the manufacturer of these products. These fasteners are much stronger than framing nails. They are shorter in size compared to them as well. They are heavy, and this makes it time-consuming and challenging to drive them in manually.

This is where positive placement nails step in to resolve the issue. These nails have revolutionized the quality installation of metal fasteners and connectors that have been engineered for specific needs. With the help of positive placement nailers, the worker can accurately align the fastener with the holes inside the metal connector. This means the carpenter can install the fastener quickly and accurately without wasting time.

These nails have the following advantages:

  1. They are durable and ideal for tough conditions where the site of the job is located.
  2. They are light in weight with a compact design. This makes it easier for the worker to insert materials in very tight spaces.
  3. They provide carpenter with more control and comfort.

Nails for outdoor projects – Make sure they do not corrode

You should not galvanize nails for outdoor projects. They are not suited for overall protection against the weather elements. The biggest advantage of galvanized nails is they are great for indoor wood-framing projects. However, if you use them outdoors, they are prone to corrosion. Over time they will rust and break. These nails are not suitable for lumber that has been ACQ treated.

Ascertain what the function of the nails is for

When you search for good quality nails, you must ensure you know what it is intended for. Make sure you know precisely the specifications you need. In this way, you can get the right nail for the correct application.

Last but not least, when you are buying positive placement nails, ensure you request price quotes from credible sites. The best way for you to check whether the site is credible or not is by checking its online reviews. In this way, you can find out what other customers need to say about products and quality. You should check whether the prices include delivery or shipping and then place your orders.

Some sites allow you to place bulk orders at a discount, whereas some might not have a minimum order criterion. Go through all the sites well, compare their features, and place your orders online without any hassle.

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