Paintings that bring Good Luck and Prosperity



Everyone look for artworks and paintings that not just change the look of their home or office but also bring good luck and prosperity. The paintings that give positive feel keep everyone happy and motivated. Those of you looking to enhance the quality of your interior in terms of both design and feel should get their hands on paintings that bring prosperity and good luck to your family.

In this blog, we will be sharing some of the best paintings that are appropriate to bring good luck. Such paintings will remove all the negativity inside your home or office and make it inspiring and positive.

1. 7 Running Horses Paintings

The painting showcasing 7 galloping horses is very famous. Many people love to decorate their living room, bedroom, and even office cabin with this painting. There is a big reason behind such a high preference i.e. these 7 running horses show positivity and success.

If you believe in Vastu Shastra, this painting holds a great relevance for you. By making this painting a part of your residential or official space, you will introduce good luck and fortune. It’s a great fact that every component created in this painting has huge importance such as horses are the sign of power, the number 7 is lucky as per numerology, and the Sun in the background demonstrates the Lord Surya’s blessings.

Therefore, all the homemakers and business people should get a seven horses painting for prosperity, good luck, and peace.

2. Buddha Paintings

Buddha paintings fall on the second number on our list because of their relevance. These paintings are believed to bring peace, fortune, and prosperity to any space. If you want to bring good luck in your family and personal life, hang it inside your home. On the other hand, if you want success in your business or professional life, make it a part of your office. You will feel the change in the air of your interior right from the point you hang this painting.

As Lord Buddha stimulate harmony, people in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and many other countries love to bring him home. According to VastuShastra, the Lord Buddha painting is best placed in the north-east direction.

3. Radha Krishna Paintings

The Radha Krishna Paintings are also great artworks to bring good luck and prosperity. You will find a lot of different Radha Krishna paintings in the market that look simply extraordinary. The Lord Krishna and Radha together represent love, peace, and harmony. They both are inseparable that is the reason why Radha & Krishna are always seen together in every painting or temple.

When you place Radha Krishna painting in the north-east direction, the negative energies move out of your home or office quickly. By including this painting in your home or office, you will experience love and positivity in the family and professional relationships. When relations are happy and healthy, good luck itself loves to be a part of your life.

4. Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani paintings are the artworks that showcase nature, Gods, ceremonies, celebrations, and life of people. These paintings look so beautiful and charming that everyone love to purchase them for home décor. The colors are so vibrant, the images are so intricate yet clear, and the whole scene is very stunning. Very few people know that Madhubani paintings are great to bring good luck and prosperity. A Madhubani painting with fish represents prosperity, good luck, and fertility. The turtle in the painting also means vitality. Therefore, you should get one for your home to experience its immense benefits.


These paintings for homes and workplaces are genuinely amazing for bringing good luck and vitality. Additionally, if you are a believer of Vastu Shastra, these paintings are just meant for you. They are perfect to remove all the Vastu doshas. They will bring positive energy in the space and allow you to work for your success on both personal and professional grounds. Thanks to the great artists in India to create a great collection of good luck paintings.

Which paintings do you liked the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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