Make you Brand new Car Secure with KENT CamEye

Make you Brand new Car Secure with KENT CamEye


Diwali brings prosperity in the house and to mark this auspicious festival, many of you might be planning to buy a brand new car. With a new entrant in your porch, you will need a concrete system to keep your car away from any kind of misuse. But at home, there are other members as well who would also want to give a try and go for a long drive. Moreover, if you have a chauffeur, then there would be the time he would be spending alone with your new car.

So while deciding the brand of car to buy, you must also give a thought of getting KENT CamEye. It is the best way to protect your car from on-drive insecurities when driven in your absence. This is the first-of-its-kind dash cam with GPS tracker for car that can help you keep a close watch on it from anywhere in the world.

No matter you are in the city or you are on some outstation trip, KENT CamEye will keep you abreast about the real-time updates of your car’s movement. Moreover, you will have the recorded data on your phone that you can check at your convenient time. The KENT CamEye app in your smartphone will have the entire information of the trips your car makes in your absence.

Now come to the features that you may find quite helpful to keep your car secure from the misuse.

Live Video Streaming:

The device offers live video streaming of inside and outside view of the car, which you can watch easily on your smartphone, anytime and anywhere in the world. It has dual cameras, one for the in-car view and the other on the backside to show the view out of the front windshield in your car.

This feature can help you check who all are sitting in the car in your absence. For instance, your driver might ferry unknown persons to earn some extra income without your consent. So, with KENT CamEye such situations won’t go off your eyes.

2-way calling:

The most amazing feature is the 2-way calling system that you would rarely find in any other GPS tracker for car. While live-streaming the footage, you can initiate a call on the device which gets auto-connected after two rings. The device has not been provisioned with buttons to disconnect the call. It has an in-built microphone and speaker, allowing the 2-way communication between you and the car occupants.

The moment you watch live the driver with any misconduct or if you see your young sibling or children disobeying the basic instructions, you can immediately call them to guide.

AI-Based alerts:

KENT CamEye offers a lot of alerts that are powered by artificial intelligence. These alerts are triggered when any of the safety measures are breached or if your car is being misused in your absence. With the help of the app, you can set a limit for speed and noise level inside the car. Additionally, you can also limit the duration of engine idling and AC on in parked mode. This would deter the chances of misuse of your car and can help in maintaining its good health for years.

GPS Tracking with Route playback:

Like a standard GPS tracker for car, KENT CamEye would also help in tracking the real-time location of your brand new car in-transit. For instance, if your driver is driving the car in your absence or your children have taken the car for the drive, you can check the route they are headed to. At least you would be aware of the location where your car is moving at that moment. However, in case if you miss the live tracking, you can playback the route on which the car was driven. The map displays the car’s location interactively on your mobile screen.

So this Diwali, bring along the security with your brand new car, don’t miss to buy KENT CamEye.

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