Is this the perfect time to start your housing project?

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Become an owner, let’s be optimistic. The observation is clear: becoming an owner is the dream shared by a large majority of French people, but it seems that for several years, this project has come to fruition later. The 2008 crisis, in fact, constrained projects for lack of stability and economic visibility.

You will easily understand that these aids are not extensible, and that during the year the banks will have exhausted all or part of their “quota”. So real estate emergency when it is necessary to go there, otherwise your project will be engaged at the risk of having to choose loans approved, rather subscribed by the borrowers except ceiling of resources. Finally, be aware that with a good file investigated with the help of a mortgage broker and a loan over 20 years, you can currently get a fixed rate of less than 2%.

Other good news

The downward trend in property prices is now coming to an end, especially in Paris. The trend is reversing, don’t wait any longer, take advantage! our article real estate news successful takeoff , at the risk of having to take the trian running!

The period of good deals

It is certainly not the first argument to make the decision of a real estate investment. But, it must be recognized that good deals are made in January. Hollow months for real estate agents, less competition, so many assets to better negotiate the purchase price of your Zoom Property .

Another advantage if you invest in the rental: the timing that allows you to get a return on your investment from the summer. A project is spread over a period of 6 months.

And why not succumb to the tradition of making good resolutions at the start of the year. This is important since it installs you in the status of owner for quite different reasons depending on the profiles of buyers.

The right time in life

The housing project is very often linked to life stages. Is there really an age to become a homeowner? In reality, no. Rather, it is the diverse and varied motivations that make the leap. The conditions of resources benefit the young graduate who start their professional career, the duration of the loan are not a problem on the contrary, and remains to consider the family to act.  Buying alone can be a good decision when the difference between the monthly loan payment and the rent is small.

Buying for two is the pleasure of carrying out a joint project with, very often, more income and savings already built up. Beware, however, of the couple’s marital status, especially in the event of separation.

Waiting for retirement age to embark on a new second home project or a rental investment is not uncommon. The children have grown and the family budget is reduced. However, keep in mind that the banks adjust the amount borrowed according to the age of the borrower. Note however that the rental investment, between 50 and 60 years is not abnormal, knowing that the loan taken out over a period of 10 years (optimum) is covered for the risk of death ((rarely for temporary disability), and finally the repayment of the loan is “compensated” by the rent of the tenant. This subject is included in our articles see our KG Credit site.

There are many parameters to consider when launching a housing project. Age, marital status, development of professional career, savings envelope to build up, and location of accommodation are the essential points that will make a decision whether or not made according to the profile of the purchaser.

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