When we talk about communication then the first thing that comes to the mind is English. We all know that English is considered as an international language. So, for communicational purposes, English is considered as a language medium. Whether there are business deals, office settings, or any educational purpose, communicating in English is preferred rather than Urdu, Spanish, Arabic, or French. It can be daunting and mind grinding for the one who is not a native English speaker. There is online vocabulary test to improve English speaking but if He/she is a beginner then they have to go through different stages to make himself/herself capable of communicating internationally.

For speaking English, the first and foremost step is to improve the vocabulary. Our vocabulary mainly depends upon

  • Grammar: It is a set of rules to structure the sentences by keeping some strategies in mind.
  • Punctuation: The marks used to separate sentences in order to clarify the meaning.
  • Spellings: Ordering the letters in a group to make up a meaningful word that is the base of sentences.

If these three terms are cleared then, a learner can proceed with polishing the speaking skills. Subsequently, what comes in mind is “How to improve English speaking skills”. For this purpose;

  1. Work on Basics
  2. Enhance English speaking Vocabulary
  3. Practice frequently

Furthermore, elaborating these terms gives us a clear answer to the questioned aroused above.


To build a strong foundation, we should be proficient in grammar and vocabulary with the correct pronunciation.

  • Expand your vocabulary: Expanding vocabulary is followed by learning new words. No matter what the word limit you set to learn, but learn daily. The resources can be music, TV shows, or seasons. Just listen or watch and take out difficult words and learn those words. If you learn one word daily, then still 365 new words will be added to your mind’s shelf.
  • Improve your pronunciation: There may be 100s of words you know but if you fail to pronounce them correctly, then there’s nothing worth. Learning new words is not enough. Learn to pronounce these words as well. You can take help from YouTube videos or you can go for some valuable websites.
  • Learn the natural flow of English: Individually, saying words are correct but you should know the language’s natural flow which adds up fluency in your speaking. For example, “I + am = I’m” that shows up the better flow and impresses the listeners.


After making a strong foundation, go for some practice.

  • Speech copying: When you listen to others that are extremely fluent and proficient in English, just copy them. Try to speak like them. Try to pronounce like them. If there’s no role model then pick up any YouTube video with subtitles and watch it again and again.
  • Self-talk: Before stepping into speaking with other environments, try to speak to yourself. Or if you are planning to do something, say it loudly. You can record your voice and listen to it later to correct pronunciation.
  • Think in English: Whatever comes into your mind, try to convert that into English. In short, think in English. Try to express your thoughts in English. The best way to do it keeps a diary and write down whatever comes to your mind.
  • Retell a story in English: One way to polish English Communication Skills is to rephrase and retrace other stories and lines in your own words by collecting different words. This is an effective way to make your goal up to the mark.


As we all know that practicing continuously makes us fluent in that respective field. Then, making the use of today’s technology and innovations go for learning purposes.

  • Participate in public-speaking events: As a university student, everyone is familiar with the activities and events that are held up under the title open debates and spoken word readings. This public-speaking gathering boosts up the confidence by mingling with the like-minded people and through this, a person learns more and more as he/she participates.
  • Use apps: There are apps like HelloTalk and Tandem, in which we can talk to the native speakers from the comfort of home. This builds confidence in us to speak up nationally as well as internationally.
  • Chat with Siri: Siri is a Google Assistant who replies verbally that is the result of our “Voice typing” in which we speak to get the results. It is a quite good way to boost up the speaking skills.

These were the strategies and tips to improve English speaking skills but here is one website to try to get deep dive into the vocabulary. SpellQuiz.com is the website that is set up on the grading system.

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You’ll not find difficulty in deciding which word you should choose and which word suits your level or age. From Grade 1 to Grade 12, it offers the bundle of words that will help you out in boosting vocabulary.

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