Download Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare APK For Android

Download Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare APK For Android


Steel Rage is an auto/shooting game with specific customization and a full load of action. Brawl your road into a tight site where vehicles control the crowded paths once again. This is a powerful PvP shooter play in which competitors from all over the planet race against each other in 6×6 cars.

About The Game

In Steel Rage, according to your fighting manner, you can pick the cars’ chassis, army weaponry, and fighting skills. There are plenty of customization alternatives accessible in the game, so it is totally your call to arrange a racing sports powerful wheels, mech cyborg or ironclad military. You’ll additionally be able to utilize your strategic skills to shift the course of the confrontation, such as modifying your energy shield for more reliable protection, the nitro boost for more helpful stratagems, or becoming invisible to strike from undercover, and more tricks. you can download it by Apk apps.

The target of the competition is out-drive and out-gun your rivals. There is a 6-on-6 squad deathmatch.

In Steel Rage, there is a diversity of landmarks to traverse varying from the woods to the downtown with clusters of constructions, ground and other shelters that you can utilize for tactical superiority. This tournament allows you to experience some of the most define graphics and easiest controls that each player may adjust to their preferences.


  • Customization is the most distinguishing feature in the game.
  • You may determine what kind of car structure, armament, as well as picking your favored driving technique your battle engine would be.
  • You can select mechanical ant-like limbs for enhanced weatherliness mobility or tank-like routes for the added thrilling off-road grounds.

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