Avail Instant Cash from Best Money Lender Singapore

Avail Instant Cash from Best Money Lender Singapore


A personal loan is a type of loan which is given by digital lenders, credit unions, and banks to aid in business and personal plans. A business may be a small business and personal expenses may be a huge purchase.

It is preferred to choose personal loans for emergency needs, as the interest rates are lower than credit cards. However, it is possible to put the use of all several credit cards to combining single debt with a single monthly installment.

The ratio of your debt-to-income and loan

Moneylenders have come up with their debt-to-income ratio for credit consideration. Best Money Lender in Singapore will fix loan amounts and interest rates based on credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and re-payment history.

Debt-to- income ratio is the most considered amount of income that one spent on debt repayments. Money Lender easily understands about the repayment of his loan history. Always try to raise the debt-to-income ratio so that it helps for future loans.

Paying loans on time help credit scores soar

Paying EMI on time will increase your credit score. No matter how many loans are taken but it’s all about payment on time. The moment you are eligible for a loan plan for the principal amount. Calculate how much you can afford to the maximum and minimum and avail loan accordingly.

Make your budget on monthly expenses and calculate EMI to select the tenure. Payment on time helps to increase credit score. This not only helps to make a name on the preferred borrower’s list but also helps in the long run.

Variety is built into credit type

As per the Singapore government, there are several factors to be considered for determining the credit score. Some of them are payment history, credit mix, length of the credit history, the utilization ratio of the credit, etc.

This credit mix takes about 35% of the total credit score and it may vary according to the loan type. The credit mix helps the creditors and lenders to provide higher priority. To know more information on the loan amount you can visit the Lender SG site for further information.

Origination fee charged by loans

Most of the Money Lenders advertise attractive offers on interest rates. There will be more hidden charges and processing fees that all customers never know. When you calculate the principal amount, and interest amount the total amount to be paid may get vary will hide up the hidden charges.

While taking a loan, ensure about minimal processing fee or no processing for your loan. During late payment and missing of EMI’s talk to the Lender executive regarding your current situation. Make sure to make the payment within the month end to save your creditability and credit score.

Avoiding penalties when it comes to payments

Many credit Lenders charge an additional fee if you plan for pre-closure. This is because it will end up with a low-interest value to the lender. Before closing the loan, talk to the customer care representative and ensure there are no penalties for pre-closure.

Otherwise, ask them to make minimal charges for pre-closure, as you are closing the loan before the deadline.

Make Sense on Interest rates

Money Lender provides an Effective Interest rate and Applied Interest Rate for their existing customers. Applied Interest rate is usually for an advertisement purpose whereas an Effective Interest rate offers lower interest rates for longer tenures.

Bank knows that we are not stupid; they make the same interest rate in two attractive manners that offer the same interest value. Always calculate with the principal and interest amount and choose the plan. Be cautious to find your best interest plan and choose loan plans accordingly.

Term Loans vs. Revolving Loans

Term loans are the fixed loans with fixed monthly installments available based on good credit score and repayment history. You will pay the loan as per the schedule and tenure of the Money Lender. All the loan principal amount, interest rate, and tenure will be fixed in terms of Term Loan.

A revolving loan is also called Credit Line which is purely based on your line of credit. This loan is applicable whenever you need cash. You can directly call the customer care and approach for revolving loans according to your line of credit.

This loan is so flexible for the customer because the customer can make a monthly payment or part payment or as a whole whichever is convenient for him. The Money-Lender will charge interest from the customer only for the remaining amount he is supposed to pay.

The borrower can save the maximum amount in the name of interest when they choose a revolving loan. However, both term loan and the Revolving loan has processing fee and other fees for processing the loan.

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