4 Ideas To Decorate Home With Flowers

4 Ideas To Decorate Home With Flowers


Okay, by now you must have decorated your homes with plants and have reaped its miraculous benefits. It’s time to move ahead and bring home flowers. Yes, after plants, having flowers in your home is a way to add elegance to your home decor.

There are other benefits as well:

  • Adds Colour: Colourful and lively spaces are at the heart of everyone. Replace the artificial elements by decorating space with colourful flowers.
  • Reduces Odour: A pleasant aura is vital for invigorating the senses. Flowers are the natural source of a sweet smell. Naturally fight bad odours by having fresh, fragrant flowers in the home. Make sure you keep changing your flowers.
  • Improve Oxygenation: Like plants, flowers also help improve oxygen levels in the home. With just little additions, you can make your home healthy and breathable.
  • Mood Booster: Just a glimpse is enough to enhance the mood. Such is the power of the flowers. Because of the colours and scents, they are known to boost the mood.
  • Battle Monotonous Trends: It’s quite common to get bored of the design, patterns, and colours of the house or a particular room. With minimal efforts you can revamp the interiors–incorporate flowers in the home.

Now, when you know why flowers are important for home decoration and how they help to make your home healthy and beautiful, let’s see the ideas to decorate your home with flowers.

  • Hanging Flower Bottles: You must have heard, seen, or have in your home hanging plants. They look great. Isn’t it? Taking inspiration from them, we came with hanging flower bottles. Flower baskets are boring; bottles are more creative and visually attractive. Do not discard old wine bottles or any glass bottles. Take off the label by soaking them in soap water. Fill the bottles with water, add stalks of pink flowers, white or any colour you like. Then, hang the bottles from the ceiling in the balcony or from a feature wall in your home. You can also take bottles of varying shapes.
  • Flower Wall: Accentuate the wall by decorating it with flowers. The wall could be at the back of your bed so that you get to witness the beauty the moment you enter your home. You could also decorate the wall of your hall room or living space with flowers. For this, you will need a plastic mesh. Decorate the mesh with flowers and foliage, and assemble it on the wall. You can create patterns with flowers if you like. Another idea for flower walls is to hang ropes. Weave flowers on the ropes and hang on the wall. This is much flexible based on the space.
  • Flower Tables and Corners: One of the easiest ways to incorporate flowers into your home space– decorate dining tables and corners. Line up the dining table with three pots of flowers, the size and number of flower vases will depend upon the length of the dining table. If you have drawing or a living space, a coffee table with a flower vase is a great way to add colour and texture. Then move to the corner. Have flower vases in one of the corners in the living room. For pots and vases, you could either shop from the market or use your creativity–place flowers in teapots or kitchen utensils, mason jars, etc.
  • Jazz Up The Bathroom: Freshen up your bathrooms with potpourris. On the cabinets or sinks, put pot with flowers, nuts, and pebbles. You can avail potpourri from the market or make one at home using DIYs.

These were some of the ideas we think are great for adding flowers into the home.

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