2020 Structural Design Guide for Concrete and Steel Buildings

2020 Structural Design Guide for Concrete and Steel Buildings


Structural Design

Structural design is a small part of civil engineering. The structure of a building is basically it’s bones. It is what holds the entire building together. It makes up the basic structure. If it is done incorrectly then a building could be potentially unstable. It is super important to follow all of the necessary tips and tricks to being a successful structural engineer. Structural engineers are the first ones in the design process because none of the other parts of construction can really be completed until the structure is.

Things That Have to Be Considered

When it comes to structural engineering there are important tips to consider. The structural design Dallas TX of a building will largely differ depending on the building that is being built. Without a strong base, the rest of the structure is pointless. So first it is important to be sure that the soil and base the structure is under is strong. You want to make sure that the soil under the structure is not filled with water or sinkholes. Along with that, you want to make sure that you have access to water, plumbing and all other types of household necessities. A building will be completely valueless if it is waterless.

Live Load/Dead Load

There are many pressures that a structure has to hold up to. The underlying metal and wood structures are what will hold up against the wind and soil. Structures that are underneath the soil will have to be able to stand up against the pressure of the surrounding earth. Along with that, the world is constantly revolving and tectonic plates are constantly slowly moving. The structure underground has to be able to deal with that. Also, the structure above ground has to be able to stand up to temperature changes, wind, and other environmental factors. A building has to be strong to stand up against hundreds of pounds of snow or the pressure of large winds. The structural engineering of the building will be important in ensuring the building can hold up.

Along with the live loads is the interior movement that a structure has to hold. If it is a large warehouse it may need to hold up to tractors and forklifts driving around on the structure. Or if it is a three-story home, the third story has to be able to hold up to the movement of people walking around. This live load is an important thing that is considered during the structural design phase.

The Law

There are many building codes that pertain to structural design Dallas TX. Also, different states have wildly different laws. This is why contractors have to get city approval and follow building codes. This is so that people cannot just build unsafe buildings in order to be cheap. There are laws and building codes to ensure that a home or structure is built safely and is safe to be in.

Laws can also affect the future use of the building. Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen a sign that says maximum people and then has a number? This is for the safety of the people inside. Cities will set limits on the number of people in a building for safety in case of a fire, or because the structure of the building is designed for only a certain weight.


Structural design is the art of building a structure that is the bones that hold the whole building together. There are many factors that go into it. There are also many laws to ensure a building is safe to build and be in.

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