Aluminum and Wood Loft Ladders Feature At the Top in Loft Ladder Ideas

Aluminum and Wood Loft Ladders Feature At the Top in Loft Ladder Ideas


A loft is one of the most functional but unused areas in a house. Earlier homeowners would use the lofts for storing things. Things which are no longer wanted or are in use or is not needed daily are put out of view and stored in lofts. With time however the concept of having this place in the house has changed.

Nowadays homeowners want to utilize that space to its maximum and not just for storing things. If designed right and if a loft is spacious enough, then it can be turned into a playroom for children or a home office or a library or a study. It can be anything that you want it to be.

However, even though the role of loft in a house has changed, what remains constant is the problem of accessing this place. A loft, as is clear to everyone, is at a certain height from the ground. You would need to reach it through a flight of stairs or by using a ladder. Now, whether stairs would be good, or, loft ladders would be more functional is a decision that the owner of the house has to make. There are as many loft ladder ideas to explore as there are designs for stairs but the availability of space, and to some extent the budget, will also decide on the winner.

For many homeowners stairs are a favorable choice. Stuck to the ground stairs are considered safer especially if children and senior members in the family are also going to access the loft. However, that does not make wood loft ladders or the aluminum loft ladders less desirable. What matters is to choose the right ladder from a renowned company. The only thing that matters in buying anything including loft ladders is the quality.

Most of the loft ladders from well-known companies are custom-crafted to specific need and applications of the owner. Wood loft ladders are assembled with steel rods and plated steel braces for maximum comfort and strength. High quality wood ladders comes with a blind mounted grab bar on the top rung and a reinforced , oversized bottom step that promises additional strength and safety. The aluminum ladders are also great when it comes to loft ladders. Being used widely in the heavy industry aluminum ladders are known for their durability that is why they are synonymous to safety and strength.

Both the Aluminum loft ladders and the wood loft ladders are available in various finishes. Both loft ladders are available in either a natural milled finish or in attractive and durable powder coat finishes. Wooden loft ladders are available in natural hardwoods that include Alder, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, or Walnut.

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The fate of lofts has changed over the years. From being a dark dingy place, the loft can be a vibrant colorful and open place in the house for everyone to gather and spend time together or be the perfect recluse for someone to spend time on own. Just explore the various loft ladder ideas to get the best one for your home.

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