Top Tips ToChoose A PMS Channel Manager System For Your Hotel

hotel channel manager system


The role of a good and effective Property Management System (PMS) channel manager is significant in today’s digital landscape, where online distribution channels play a critical role in attracting guests and making the most of the revenue for hotels. With numerous types of options available in the market, selecting the right and powerful hotel channel manager system demands careful consideration. This post presents several valuable tips to guide hoteliers in choosing the most apt PMS system for their establishment. Once you know these tips, you will be in a better place to pick one that is perfect.

Examine Integration Capabilities  

One of the critical factors to consider is the PMS system integration capabilities. Ensure that it seamlessly integrates with your present PMS, central reservation system (CRS), and even other kinds of relevant systems such as revenue management or even customer relationship management (CRM) software. This promises efficient data synchronization and even reduces manual work. of course, once there is proper integration capabilities, it can get you better experiences.

Explore and examine Channel Manager User Interface 

Consider the user interface (UI) of the PMS channel system before you go for it. It has to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling easy navigation and even swift operations. A clean and well-organized UI will save time and even drop the learning curve for your staff.

Measure the Channel Connectivity  

Check the channel connectivity that is offered by the PMS channel system. Ensure that it supports the entire online travel agencies (OTAs) and even global distribution systems (GDSs) you presently work with or plan to collaborate with in the times to come. The more channels the manager links to, the wider your hotel’s reach gets.

Analyse Channel Manager Performance  

Research the overall performance and reliability of the channel manager. Look for reviews and even testimonials from other hoteliers to measure their experiences with the software. Ensure that the channel manager can manage high volumes of inventory and transactions without even performance issues.

Review the overall Pricing Structure  

Evaluate the pricing structure of the channel manager. Compare the cost with the features and even overall benefits it offers. Some providers charge a fixed fee, while others are there that may charge a percentage of your bookings. Consider your hotel’s size and even expected revenue to make an informed and effective move.

Examine Reporting and Analytics  

Effective and productive reporting and analytics are crucial for making informed decisions. Evaluate the reporting abilities of the channel manager for hotels, including occupancy rates, revenue performance, and even overall channel-specific analytics. The provision of real-time data and customizable reports is going to help you optimize your distribution strategy.

Consider Support and Training  

Measure the level of support and training provided by the channel manager’s vendor. Sufficient training and reliable customer support are essential for a smooth and effective transition and ongoing assistance whenever required. Ensure that the vendor offers comprehensive training resources and even proper prompt support channels.

Check Mobile Compatibility  

In the contemporary mobile-driven world, it is essential to have a PMS manager that is compatible with mobile devices. Check if the manager offers a mobile app or a proper responsive web interface to manage your channels right on the go.

Look at the Channel Manager Scalability  

Then you also have to make sure that you do consider the scalability of the PMS manager. Determine whether it can include the growth of your hotel and manage an increased number of channels, room types, and even rates without performance degradation. After all, since your hotel is always aiming for progressing and expanding, it will soon do that. and while that is the case, you should have a channel in place that grows as your hotel grows. It has to be scalable as per your hotel needs.

Explore Security Measures  

Data security is a paramount and critical concern for any hotel. Evaluate the security measures implemented by the PMS manager, such as data encryption, even user access controls, and compliance with industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). After all, security for any hotel is critical, and you cannot take it lightly. If the data of your consumers or visitors gets leaked in any way, it could be a downfall for your hotel!

Hunt for Channel Manager Automation  

Then you know automation capabilities can massively streamline your hotel’s operations. Look for features such as automatic inventory updates, rate parity management, and even synchronized bookings to drop the overall manual effort and minimize the danger of errors.

You should Request a Demo  

Before making any sort of final decision, request a demo of the PMS manager. This will enable you to explore its features firsthand and even assess its usability, functionality, and even overall compatibility with your hotel’s particular requirements. The demo will be like a window for you to explore the system before you go for it.

Hunt for User Reviews and Recommendations  

It is helpful if you do research user reviews and seek recommendations from parallel hoteliers or industry professionals. Their insights can provide you with the utmost and valuable information about the strengths and weaknesses of diverse types of PMS managers and help you make an informed and effective decision. You cannot take it all lightly, and the reviews can help you choose well.

Consider Future Integrations  

You also must anticipate your hotel’s future needs and even consider potential integrations. Evaluate if the PMS channel manager can easily integrate with emerging technologies or fresh distribution channels that may turn out to be relevant in the future. After all, future integration will matter sooner or later.

Examine Vendor Reputation and Experience  

Then you must consider the reputation and experience of the PMS channel system vendor. A reliable and established vendor having a proven track record in the industry is more likely to provide you with a stable and feature-rich solution, along with ongoing support and even updates.


To sum up, picking the right and effective PMS channel system like Aiosell is a critical decision that can massively impact your hotel’s success in the digital marketplace. Once you have a good option, you can transform your business for the best.

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