Top Business Schools Accepting GRE Scores

Top Business Schools Accepting GRE Scores


For MBA applications, the GMAT score is used widely. There are some major colleges and universities accepting the results of GRE,butstill, there has been an increase in the number of applicants who submit GRE scores in place of GMAT scores. Like GMAT scores, GRE is valid for five years with a pool of candidates getting enrolled in top institutes every year with American Sign Letters.

The list of universities and schools who accept scores of GRE is very long. If you opt to get enrolled in countries like USA, there are a huge list of major schools providing the best subjects. If you plan to do a Masters degree or Doctorate degree you need to get proper information about facilities and infrastructure provided by universities you wish to get enrolled into. Here is a list providing details of top business schools providing GRE scores.

MBA in USA accepting GRE results

  1. Stanford Business School

  2. Columbia Business School
  3. Harvard Business School
  4. Chicago University
  5. Yale University
  6. University of California Berkeley
  7. Duke University
  8. New York University
  9. University of Virginia
  10. Wharton School
  11. Georgia Institute of Technology
  12. Cornell University

 MBA in Canada accepting GRE results

  1. York University
  2. Western Ontario University
  3. British Columbia University
  4. HEC Montreal School
  5. University of Toronto

MBA in UK accepting GRE results

  1. Cambridge University
  2. London School of Business
  3. University of Oxford
  4. University of Manchester
  5. Cranfield University

MBA in India accepting GRE results

  1. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  2. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  3. Indian School of Business

Certain business management schools in India offer a year’s MBA programme for the executives and still do not accept GRE results. The list includes-Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, Indian Institute of Management Indore, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow and few other.

Changing trend in the education system

To learn what the other are top business schools accepting GRE scores, you need to visit the website providing every detail. According to a recent survey, it was found that almost 95% of schools and universities accept GRE results than before. With the changing trend in the education system, these days there are much more candidates opting to pass GRE and deliver GRE scores at their best for getting enrolled in MBA programmes. Many officers in admissions say that there is no preference for any exact score over another. Thus, you have the liberty to choose amongst various tests depending on the best scores that you have received.

Talking of business schools, they generally report the actual GMAT scores though there are a lot ofother Business schools who will never disclose their average GRE results. You need to know if your GRE number is exact for that particular Business school. Certain websites have conversion tool system where a student, as soon as he/she enters the score, can get an idea of what would be the exact GMAT score.

Last, but not the least, whether you submit scores or not, the application of MBA will be measured on various other sections as well and not depend on only these scores. So, it is necessary to work hard and emerge with a good GRE score wearing the power of self-confidence. Studying hard would lead tothe building of vocabulary and understand the subject in better ways. GRE results are not everything for a student. He/she also has to prepare for the in-depth knowledge and have certain basic knowledge of the subject along with some work experience as well. This will add more value to the curriculum vitae.

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