Ram Chary Discusses a Few Latest Photography Trends

Latest Photography Trends


Camera and editing technology have changed rapidly over the last two decades. Traditionally, photography equipment used to be pretty expensive, and hence only a few trained specialists would engage in the activity. But in today’s times, photography has become a lot more affordable and user-friendly. Anyone with a powerful camera, even if it is in their mobile phone, can explore photography as a medium. Modern trends show that this domain is no longer limited to professionals now. Anyone passionate about the activity can check out online tutorials or blogs maintained by professional photographers like Ram Chary to improve their skill set and be a part of this flourishing profession.

Having a good understanding of the top photography trends in the industry can be quite useful. No matter whether one usually takes wedding shots or does product photography, knowing the modern trends and techniques shoot will put them at the top of the curve. Here are a few latest photography trends:

Silhouettes: The beauty of silhouette images lies in the fact that they are open to interpretation. By reducing their model to a shape, photographers can project their thoughts and ideas through their work. Silhouettes usually show a single figure on their own, and their popularity increased in recent times owing to the feelings of isolation experienced by many people around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Silhouette images are created using backlighting; one need to position their subject in front of a strong light source, while making sure that no light comes from behind the camera.

Macro and retro-style photography: Owing to the improved camera technology and the increasing fascination of people with science, the trend of taking extreme close-up shots of insects, plans, and other objects has surged up quite a bit. However, on the same lines, the system of retro-style photography has also made a comeback. The clarity of modern photography has brought back the charm of classic photos, and the depth that they tend to have.

Muted color cast: Today, it has become pretty common for photographers to use filters on their images. They typically use filters with a single color that softens and unifies the overall image. Such filters are applied to the images during the editing phase to make the hues of the image more cohesive.

Point and Shoot Size DSLRs: Professional cameras are becoming smaller and more compact with every passing day, to increase the convenience of the photographers.

Alongside the manner of clicking pictures, the way individuals share their work has also changed over the years. Social media platforms particularly make sharing photos easy with just a click of a button. Hence, both professional and casual photographers today get the opportunity to disseminate their work in seconds, rather than in months. More insight into popular photography trends of today can be found on the blog website launched by Ram Chary. He is an experienced photographer, who aims at sharing valuable tips and trends to the readers through his website.

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