Preparing for IVF treatment is not an easy task to add to daily work and everyday routine, and at some point, it becomes extremely exhausting. In the further article, we’re gonna discuss the methods that help you in coping from such situations.

 Family and friends

It’s important to have people around you with whom you can share feelings. When going through IVF treatment, for those struggling moments when you need someone to make you feel comfortable and whom you can see as your backbone. As going through IVF treatment is an emotional roller coaster. You need someone who listens to your problem and doesn’t judge you, it can be anyone your sister or maybe your best friend.

But always remember to try to talk with people who appreciate you for making such a decision and support you not the one that demotivates you or shares any kind of negative vibe. The one thing that you should keep in mind is, the more you discuss with people, the more people will check on you and that thing can sometimes become exhausting especially when you talk less. In such a situation just appreciate them to keep checking on you, and tell them how lucky you are to have such people around you.

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Getting open about your situation with work colleagues can be a tough task. There will be some days when you have to leave the office early or reach late because of your appointment with the doctor. Or there will be a time when you feel down and don’t feel energetic like every other day. In such situations, you need someone from the office who understands your situation and supports you. And if you don’t feel comfortable talking about this to your manager but have a colleague who can explain your situation on your behalf, as it is helpful for them to be aware of what’s going on with you. Some women don’t like to open up about their situation and keep makingexcuses each time they take leave from the workplace. It can be hard, especially in the long run.

Talking with your partner

Your relationship with your partner is one of the most significant aspects of your journey. This experience is as much physical as it is emotional for a woman who is undergoing treatment and they need to be vocal about the changes that are happening in their body. The most exhausting thing is to remember when to take injections and medicines and wait for test results. With today’s hectic schedule it is an add on to the stress.

A partner’s part is the most important in this process.No matter how tough it becomes but when it comes to coping with day to day stress with your partner, then communication is the key. Talk about anything that makes both of you happy. You can appreciate each other for supporting each other and also sharing the stress can help you. Tell them what is disturbing you and what’s going on in your mind. There are so many methods that can help you in the process. It can be planning small trips or visiting your loved ones. Do anything that keeps your partner happy and peaceful.


IVF can be a long process, but social events and festivals won’t wait. And at such times it may be more difficult to attend them. Festivals like Holi and Diwali can be challenging, especially when family members keep asking “when is the baby coming?”. Don’t get upset or irritated by such questions and don’t take the stress. A befitted reply to these questions is, “If there’s any news, I’ll let you know first”.

But this is not it, one of the most difficult occasions for women is someone else’s baby showers. You might not feel like attending such functions. So, it is ok to skip such functions. Instead Of ignoring it, send a gift and say you are sorry for not attending the function.

Give yourself time.

When you are going through this process, always focus on yourself and your health. When this process is over then you will see that there was no need to focus on what others think because giving yourself stress because of others is not just worth it. During this journey it’s important to do things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself, whether its exercise, hanging out with your friend and family, pampering yourself with shopping, meditation or just alone time with yourself. And always be vocal about the problems, don’t run from them talk about your problems find a solution for them.

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