Keep these tips in mind to choose the perfect place to celebrate your big day

Keep these tips in mind to choose the perfect place to celebrate your big day


The place of marriage is one of the fundamental aspects that the bride and groom should not overlook when planning their bond. Many people choose because this place is the same as that of the ceremony, especially in civil marriages and others seek an idyllic place that triumphs among all the guests. If you are still a little lost and do not know what to consider to choose the perfect venue for your big day, in this article we will offer you some tips with which you are sure to be right with the choice of the place of marriage. Take note of all of them!

Location and ways of arriving

Many people choose a place to celebrate their marriage that is close to their habitual residence and that of most of their guests, although it is also true that many other couples risk and decide to have to move to get married in an idyllic place with which to celebrate your dream marriage.

For example, a place that is located 35 km from Melbourne, a place where your marriage will be ideal. It is a beautiful place with extensive facilities whose name comes from the word water in the Melbourne and that reflect purity and energy for those seeking relaxation in this magical place.

Whichever place you choose for your big day, you should make it clear to your guests, through the invitations, how to get to that place. If it is difficult to arrive, do not hesitate to include a map, plan or sketch to make it a little easier. Also, you can also choose to enable a bus service so that guests can arrive without any problem.


More and more couples are deciding to celebrate a 100% exclusive and unique marriage. For this, it is very important that you know if the venue for which you think you will celebrate more marriages the same day and also know the exclusivity of their services.

In Melbourne the use of space is exclusive since they only celebrate one marriage a day. This place has a rustic decorative line, where the restoration of materials and recycling is one of its fundamental missions.

Extra services

The budget is another of the determining factors when choosing the perfect marriage venue. Always look for that space that offers you excellent value for money, but you must also determine the extras you want at your wedding and if space offers them.

Among these extras, you can highlight lighting, decoration, open bar, security and also cancellation insurance. Of course, always read the contract well to make clear what the extras are and what their cost will be.

In The Retreat Port Stephens, for example, you can find everything you need to make your marriage a date to always remember, all thanks to its “All Inclusive” service, with which they offer everything you need for the day of your marriage. It is also a perfect place if you want to celebrate a country-style marriage.

By following all these tips, you are sure to find the right place to celebrate your marriage and make your day unique and special and become one of the most remembered of your whole life.

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