How can I change my name on American flight tickets?

American flight tickets


Did you make any typing or spelling mistakes when booking tickets with American Airlines? If yes, you have a convenient provision to correct these mistakes under the Airlines name change policy. The ticket name change is possible and you can joyfully fly with AA to your destination.

Here is how you can change your name on American flight tickets with the Airlines Name change policy.

About Airlines Name Change Policy 

As per this policy, the passengers can change or correct their names on the AA ticket to match the TSA government-issued documents. The scenarios include miss-spellings, marriage/divorce, maiden names, secondary names, legal names, and inverted names.

The American Airlines name change on ticket will only be initiated after you submit the valid documents. You can make minor as well as major name corrections on the valid unused AA tickets.

Different Ways to Make American Ticket Name Changes 

Whenever you face the problem of an incorrect name on AA flight tickets, make sure you check out the Airlines name correction policy. Here are three different yet easy ways to proceed with the American Airlines name change on the ticket. Let us go through them one by one.

1. Online- AA Website 

  • Visit the main website of American Airlines.
  • Click on the “My Trips” tab on the homepage.
  • Enter the booking details in the provided fields.
  • Enter the first and last name in the given sections.
  • Of all the displayed flights, choose the one that requires name change/correction.
  • Now, you are allowed to make American ticket name changes after paying the applicable name change fee.
  • Save changes and sit back & relax while you get confirmation mail from American Airlines.

2. Phone- AA Reservations Department 

You can make name changes under Airlines name correction policy by simply contacting the AA reservations department at (833) 246-4556. The representative will assist you professionally and proceed with your name change request as quickly as possible. You can seek their assistance for both minor and major errors.

3. Email- AA Support Team 

In case you are unable to reach the AA reservations department via phone, you can drop an email to the AA support team stating your concern about the American ticket name change. They will actively resolve your query and ensure name changes are done ASAP.

Additional Details For Airlines Name Change Policy 

Under this superb facility, AA offers passengers a name change waiver for just minor changes such as miss-spellings and typos up to 3 characters. In case of major changes, they are required to pay a processing fee of $25 along with a name change fee between $200 to $700 depending on the type of flight i.e. domestic or international

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