Canada Work Permit: A Comprehensive Guide

Canada Work Permit


People from all over the world prefer Canada for job purposes. Studies suggest that the sikh people living in South Indian Countries like Chennai, Mysore, Bangalore, etc., want to relocate to Canada for work. Is there anything for which Chennai lags? No! Chennai is a famous IT Hub and is best for living, education, high-paying jobs, etc. In cities like Bangalore best immigration consultants are the most searched online. Google searches are enough to find how established Canada is for job purposes. Do you want to relocate to Canada for job purposes? If yes, continue reading. This blog will discuss Canada’s Job Visa in-depth.

Canada Job Visa: A Brief Overview

No doubt, people are keen on relocating to Canada for the quality of living it offers to Canadian citizens. However, is securing a Canada Job Visa a cup of tea? No! It is hard to get Canada visa approval. Remember that consultants know how keen people are to relocate to Canada. Hence, scammers pose as immigration consultants. They promise such people high-paying and legit jobs in Canada and loot them. Beware of such so-called consultants. Reach out to the most esteemed immigration consultants like Croyez Immigration. Croyez Immigration is the most reputed consultant, having a team of experienced job consultants. They deal with Canada Visa- Job, Study, Business, and Tourist. Aspirants who availed of their services are content with their services. Hence, they have opened their branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochi, Coimbatore, etc.

What is a Canada Job Permit?

A Canada work permit is a legal document that the Government of Canada issues. This document permits non-Canadian citizens to work in Canada for a certain period. Without a Canada work permit, you can not work there. Suppose you visit a company in Canada for a job interview. Forget about your educational documents- the first thing they ask non-Canadian citizens is their Canada work permit. If you forget to get your Canada work permit, the hiring managers will not interview you. Canada’s work permit proves that the Canadian Government have allowed non-Canadian citizens to contribute toward the economy of Canada.

Eligibility criteria for applying for a Canada Job Visa

Dear job seekers, time is valuable. Hence, before applying for a Canada Job Visa, check if you qualify for it. Applying for a Canada Job Visa, if you are not eligible for it, is a waste of time. Here is a list of requirements you should fulfil if you want Canada Job Visa approval:

  • Offer letter– As the time advances, you will have to produce a valid job offer letter that the Canadian company has issued for you. Remember to check the legal status of the company. When you accept the offer letter from a Canadian company that carries out unlawful activities, no one can stop you from being involved in police cases.
  • Experience– If you have little or no job experience, the Canadian Government will not issue you a work permit. Do not think that a fresher is allowed to work in Canada. You should have a work experience of at least not less than two years. Note that the Canadian Government will regard you as experienced if you have already done a job in that sector for which you are applying in Canada.
  • The minimum score should be 67 in Canada Points Calculator– You must be thinking- What is a Canada Points Calculator? As discussed, not everyone qualifies for a Canada Work Permit. Canada Points Calculator is a 100-mark exam which tests your language skills, age, education, experience, adaptability, and employment. If you fail to score at least 67 on the exam, the Canadian Government will not accept your work permit application.
  • ECA Report– The educational records of India and Canada vary to a certain extent. Hence, attain your degree from an organization that proves that your education is such that you are deemed fit in a foreign country like Canada.
  • Academic Records– When applying online, keep the academic records by your side. The vital academic records include the results from matriculate and higher-secondary exams, graduation and post-graduate certificates, if any, from a recognized and reputed organization.
  • Language Skills-If you are proud of your English speaking skills in India and think the Canadian Government will accept your application or your certificates for your spoken English skills, you are wrong. Do you know that you should take and qualify for some exams like IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test Of English As a Foreign Language), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), etc? These exams are for testing your spoken English skills.

Documents Required

Here is a list of documents you should submit while applying for a Canada Work Permit:

  • Passport– It is an obvious fact that you can not apply for a job in foreign countries without a valid Passport.
  • Recent Passport-Sized Coloured Photograph– Is it necessary to mention that any online application is not accepted unless you submit your recent passport-sized coloured photograph?
  • Job Offer Letter– You should remember to keep a job offer letter by your side. Ensure that the job offer letter contains your employment details- Date of joining, working days and hours, salary, etc.
  • Bank Records– It is obvious that the Canadian Government will not issue you a work permit if you are financially insecure. If your current pay is not as such that you live a decent life in India, how can you live in Canada?
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment– LIMA intends to confirm that hiring you will not drastically affect the Canadian economy.
  • Educational qualification and work experience– It is well-known that nobody will give you a job without analyzing your academic records and work experience.
  • Police Clearance Certificate– A police clearance certificate is vital because it proves that you don’t have criminal records.


Migration Consultants Bangalore are what people mostly search online in South India. If you are looking for Canadian immigration consultants, you must rely on Croyez Immigration. The Canadian Government issues a Canadian work permit, allowing you to work in Canada. You can apply for a work permit if you have the offer letter from the Canadian company. However, you must have two years of experience. Your score should not be below 67 in the Canada Points Calculator. In addition, you should show your academic records. You must pass language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. and submit offer letters, educational and bank statements, LIMA, police clearance certificates, etc.

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