A Guide to the world of Artificial Intelligence

A Guide to the world of Artificial Intelligence


What is AI? From personal assistants to automation, and an increasing understanding of diseases, AI comes with a lot of benefits that people are using nowadays to help make life easier. Artificial intelligence is the theory and the development of computer systems that are able to perform complex tasks that usually require human intelligence, these include visual perception, speech recognition, analyzing, decision making, and translating between different types of languages. Let’s explore what this means in practical terms.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence? 

Essentially artificial intelligence for a normal human being is having a machine with such advanced skills that it can mimic human intelligence to complete a task. These machines are not like human beings but are developed to take care of certain jobs quickly and efficiently which would take you a very long time to complete. There are different parts of artificial intelligence as they relate to human intelligence. They are:

The intelligence to see, also known as computer vision. This type of artificial intelligence can see what is going on and is able to process whatever images it is built to do.An intelligence to speak and listen enables the machines to listen to what you are saying, process it, and then depending on what it is responding to you. This is called natural language processing and is mostly used by virtual assistants on smartphones as well as Alexa.

The intelligence to translate and perform tasks allows the artificial intelligence machine to perform any task you give it, including being able to translate and differentiate between languages.

So, what is the difference between AI and machine learning? 

People often confuse AI and machine learning but they are vastly different. Machine learning is a part of an application of AI that has become popular now, in machine learning you give the machine or the processor the data and let it try to come up with a solution to the problem or the task at hand by applying statistical methodologies to the data. Each of these types of artificial intelligence certification has different benefits which are divided between strong AI and weak AI.

Weak AI is where the machine focuses on one task that does not require any true intelligence, this is just automation of tasks. Strong AI, on the other hand, is where the machine starts to have the same level of intelligence as the person and gets abilities like problem-solving skills.

The key player in an artificial intelligence machine 

Now that you have an understanding of ai courses online and the mysterious world of artificial intelligence remember that the key players also play an important role in ai. Big brands like Google have their blog from their AI subsidiary deep mind which checks out updates and the latest developments, MIT university also does a lot of work in ai and robotics and they train their employees to keep up-to-date on the latest trends. Microsoft and Facebook also have had a lot of controversies but their AI resources are fascinating to see in the least – they do a lot of research to come up with otherwise creative concepts. Lastly, Amazon in particular in AWS but also through its e-commerce and retail business uses AI.

The Takeaway 

Now that you understand what AI is and what it means you will be able to dive in deeper. AI and machine learning are two parts of a whole piece and are studies and researched widely throughout industries. A lot of people nowadays are taking on ai courses online in order to train, develop their skills, and get a job in a big brand. Industries and corporates are looking to hire people well versed in the field of ai and machine learning and are knowledgeable, skilled, and come with a lot of experience. AI is the future and there is no looking back.

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